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Harry DH Smith

Harry DH Smith
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Height: 6'5

Weight: 260 lbs

Born: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Primary Promotions Wrestled For :  New Japan, Stampede (Canada), PWA (Canada), WWE (International), Matrats (Canada), MLW (United States), JAPW (United States), IWP:UK (England), Ball Park Brawl Promotions (United States), ECCW (Canada), AWA Pinnacle Wrestling (United States), IPW: UK (England), Big Time Wrestling ( United States), GSW (Germany), All Star Wrestling (England), Ohio Valley Wrestling (United States), Deep South (United States), Florida Championship Wrestling (United States)

Championships Held :

FCW Southern Heavyweight

FCW Florida Tag Team Title

AWA Pinnacle Washington State Heavyweight

PWA Canadian Tag Team Title

Stampede North American Heavyweight

Stampede International Tag Team Champion  (2x)

NGW MatRats Heavyweight

Harry "DH" Smith, is one of Professional Wrestlings brightest young stars, with bloodlines stemming from his father, the world famous "British Bulldog",  Davey Boy Smith. As well his uncles Owen and Bret Hart, two top stars in the industry. Smith comes from a family of wrestling greatness, that saw its first roots from the Father of Stampede Wrestling - Stu Hart.
In the ring, he is a combination of power and size, with the quickness of a  mid heavyweight. His training began in the legendary Hart Dungeon in Calgary, Alberta, following the one on one training from various family members as well as Japanese star Tokyo Joe. Smith became very strong in all aspects of submission, and mat wrestling. He mixes "Stampede Style" wrestling with a strong influence from the Japanese Wrestling scene. MMA Superstar, Josh Barnett, also a very strong influence on Smith.
His pro career has taken him through various indies in North America, and England, as well as tours in Japan with New Japan Pro Wrestling. All this experience has taken him to the largest promotion in the business, World Wrestling Entertainment. He has appeared on both the Raw and Smackdown brands for WWE, while developing his skills in Florida, with its developmental promotion - Florida Championship Wrestling.
Smith is bound and determined to be a success in the WWE, making his own chapter in the history books, adding yet more success to the genes that carry the Bulldog Bloodlines.